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Originally this site belonged to the Town of Weston. This was block 28, Lots 1, 2 & portion of 3. The Trustees sold the
property to Abraham Baker in July 4, 1845 for $3100.00
June 1848 Baker sold to Archibald Woods & James Estill, for $10,000.
Jan 3, 1853 Woods & Estill sold to W H Bell & Shelton Lowe.
April 1852 Bell Sold to Burnes & Brothers.
Aug 1863 Bell sold a portion to James Ferguys. He expanded the number of lots to include  the rest of 3, & added 4, 5 &
6. There was a frame house that sat in front of a pork packing house in this area.
April 1868 all property was transferred by recovery of debt to Jeremiah Crabb by order of the court who was guardian of
James & Edward Lindsey.
1871 Edmond & Lucretia Cockrill sold to William Carpenter.On this property stood some brick warehouses that ran east
on Market (Water) Street.
1873 William Carpenter Sr sold to William Carpenter Jr for $1.00.
1890 William & Ann Carpenter Jr. sold to Jaquemin & Shenkner.
1892 Richard Jaquemin & wife Pocahontas sold their share to Rudolph Shenkner.
1896 Shenkners sell to E W Teunissen & H Lamers.
1901 Teunissen sells to Jacob Engel.
1903 Engle sold to Lena Haas. At this time Haas expanded the property to include a triangular section that ran next to the
railroad tracks.
1911 Lena & husband William Haas sold to H. T., George & Charles Quinley.
1919 Quinley's sold to J. B. Doran.
1923 Doran sold to W. B. Hull.
1924 W. B. & Florence Hull sold to W R Hull.
1929 Eugene & Margaret Miller sold to James Wilson
1937 M. M. Ohlhausen sold to Florence Hull.
1945 W. B. & Florence Hull sold to Frank Winter & Julien Wright.
1946 The Wrights & Winters sell to Owens & Bruce Hull.
1953 Russell Tolle purchased the property from Hulls. Because the property fell off they had to bring in fill dirt to raise the
property. In 1954 they built a small building and signed a leas with Standard Oil to open a filling station on the corner. In
about 1955 they tore down and rebuilt the current building. The old pumps were removed in 1962-1963.
As a side note even though on one picture the sign states Bakers Garage, Barbara Baker noted it was never named
Bakers Garage and doesn't know who put that name on the building.
The following is information on the building of the Livery Stable and other future business.
Arthur Lennox built the barn in 1895. It was financed by Mr. & Mrs. South
B. H. South acquired ownership from the Burnes family April 15, 1898.
April 1899 he opens for business in his new livery stable.
June 1900 he sold to W. J. Wood & J. W. Murdock who continued the livery.
Jan 1901 Mack Lawson purchased an interest in the Murdock & Peck livery stable.
July 1901 Murdock sells his half interest to Hugh Nichols now the firm is Nichols & Peck.
Dec 1901 J. W. Murdock buys back Hugh Nichols interest & name changed to Murdock & Peck Livery & Feed.
Sept 1903 George Peck sells his interest to Stivers Winburn name of Murdock & Winburn Livery Co,
Nov 1903 Murdock Winburn & Hillix built on a large addition to the property.
Also in Oct 1903 J. Engle sold his existing ice house to William Hass.
May 1905 Hass sold it to C. C. Davis who turned the ice house building in this complex into an electric light plant.
Sept 1904 Noland & Winburn & Co sold their livery business to Miller & Miller. E. W. Miller of Camden Point & J. H. Miller
of Settles Station.
June 1911 E. W. Miller sells his half interest to Alvin Turner. Name changed to Miller & Turner.
Jan 1912 J. H. Miller sells his interest to Thurman Graves.
July 1913 Graves sells his interest to Al Turner.
1916 Al Turner sell half interest to Thomas Winburn and the firm will be known as Turner & Winburn.
April 1922 The Weston Produce Company B. F. Risk, Manager opened for business.
Sept 1924 Eldridge Dowdell moves his blacksmith shop from the west end of Market St to the building known as the Hull
Building where the livery was.
1932 Allen Holland came to town from Liberty used his $11.25 to get a haircut, buy a license, a,package of buns, a
pound of hamburger, 10c jar of mustard from John Riley who threw in an onion and opened Smokey Joe's. He operated
from here for 12 years before moving to 414 Main.
The current building facing Main street was built in the 1950's by Russell Tolle.
In 1960 Russell Tolle released part of the building to Jess Langhofer & Galen Cooper to open a laundromat which was
open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Lewis Clemens rented the building for a tme.
Robert Heim & Chad Stock ran a construction business out of this building.
This building has living quarters on the 2nd floor.
Barbara Baker continues to own the building in 2012.

On lower Main east side there existed a row of brick warehouses.
At the south end of the row the was Weston Gas Works (1865) built by Harry Schlossner an ex-Czarist soldier from