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East Thomas, South Side of the street was located (Block 3 , Lots 26 & 27) John Mauch was properietor of The Weston
Machine Shops 1876-1895.
1895 Schweizer & Eagan purchase John Mauch's  Weston Machine Shops, & combines with Eagan's blacksmith shop.
In 1896 Schweizer & Eagan dissolve but Schweizer continues the business.
1898 Schweizer sell back to John Mauch who continues there.
Aug 1900 the blacksmith shop of Mauch sells at public sale after his death. Albert Teunissen buys at auction.
1901 James M Frazer locates there & opens his blacksmith & horse shoeing. In 1903 Frazer builds a new building on East
Thomas. He later moves to the other side of Thomas.
1921 on West Thomas just west of the present Christian Assembly Church was located "Royal Smoke House" W M Cash,
Properietor. In April of 1927 Donald Weigman the night watchman at the smokehouse shot & killed Hatton Buckler here.

West Thomas just past the bridge on the south side was located the Star Theatre in 1912 but burned a year later.
In 1913 in the same area was built the Eureka Theatre owners were Ed J. Thorn, B J Bless, Jr & J H Hollied of equal
partnership. It opened in Oct 1913 with H B Adkins as manager.
In1916 Carl Norris takes over management.
1918 the theatre changed managers again but no name was given. The theatre was closed during the flu epidemic of 1918.
For a few months in 1919 the name changed to Rice-Morgan Theatre but only for 3 months. In Dec 1919 Frank Hollied
resumed the management after the Rice-Morgan people left in the middle of the night Hollied put the Eureka name back for
the theatre.
Feb 1924 G L Rugg retired as manager, then in June of 1924 J C Allison becomes the manager.
June 1926  G G  McGinness returns as manager.
This building burned in 1926 but was repaired & rebuilt the same year. G L Rugg bought the theater & shows it's first picture
after the fire on Nov 23, 1926. At some point the named changed again to The Iris, it also was named Garden Theater and
Deluxe Theater.
1930 Fred Blacketter leased the theater. Later that same year A J  Haas of Kansas City began a new lease. 1932 it was
leased by Charles Hendree.
At the time it burned to the ground in Dec. 1936 the news accounts referred to it as Eureka Theater.
Some of the shows & movies that were shown wer: "Tillies Punctured Romance" (a 6 reel comedy featuring Mariw Dressler &
Charlie Chaplin in 1915. In 1917 Marguerite Clark in "Snow White". In 1923 "The Covered Wagon", the great Epic American
Picture with director James Cruze.
The theatre was used for other venues i.e. high school graduations, the Catholic Church ladies held bazaar's, Boy Scouts held
events, the first election returns ever given over Western Union were received at the Eureka, there was an area for theater
parties in the east balcony.
There was a roller skating rink on the bottom floor managed by George Marr at one time, later managed by several others.

On the corner of West Thomas & Washington in 1855 A. Devin's had a carriage, wagon & blacksmith shop.
March 1892 Casimir Moosman adds to the blacksmith shop a full line of farm implements, wagons & plows.
July 1902 Mooseman sells to C S Mulkey of Woodruff. He tears down the old shop & rebuilds a new building and opens "C S
Mulkey General Blacksmith Shop".
In 1910 Mulkey trades his shop & residence here for the W H Skidmore farm 4 miles west of town.
1911 Skidmore trades his blacksmith shop to R W Corman for a residence in Kansas City.
1911 Corman quickly sells the property to George Cook.
O A Bash moves into Mulkey's old stand Blacksmith & Horseshoer.
1915 the property is vacant for a while until McMillian & Miller move in for a short time.
1916 Frazer & Son moves to this location.
1917 F W Gray buys a half interest in Frazer & Son  & the firm becomes Frazer & Gray.
1918 Frazer sells his interest to Gray who continues the business.
Jan 1919 W D Houser purchases the blacksmith shop with several other lots.
Nov 1919 J Scott Russell buys the blacksmith shop & plans to open a telephone office. We don't find any information to show
this ever occured.
1926 Earl Foley family moves into their home after he tore down the blacksmith shop and used some of the wood to build his
new home. This address is 832 Thomas.
West Thomas on the South side of  Thomas was the Matthias Noll Wagon & Carriage Shop it was built about 1849. The
house beside it was the Noll family home. Matthias Noll was born in Germany & came to Weston in the 1840's & married a
widow Grace Kurtz. Their daughter Victoria married into the Brill family. Many of his tools from the shop are on display at the
Weston Museum as is his workbench, which was made from one walnut tree.
It is now the site of the Baker home at 831 Thomas.